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Google business applications reduce IT costs and empower today's employees.

Available through Digital Logistix Partners
in Caribbean Basin countries, Central America, Venezuela, Colunbia, Guyana, Suriname and Bermuda.
Email and Business Productivity

Google Apps + Postini

Google Apps is a customizable package of business applications including mail, calendar, team site creation, document collaboration, and video sharing hosted by Google and protected by Postini security.  As one of the global leaders in the software-as-a-service cloud model (SaaS), Google Apps has experienced accelerating adoption with over 3,000 businesses signing up daily and over 1 million companies already using this solution to improve their business with better messaging and collaboration tools.

Typical Reseller Services

Strategic business process consulting, worry-free management of the services, and comprehensive support are a few of the valuable services that resellers are providing around Google Apps to grow recurring revenue streams and deepen customer relationships.  Resellers in this program also benefit from a recurring discount on the annual Google Apps licensing fee.

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